On posts with lists of of earnings release dates

On posts with lists of of earnings release dates.

The problem is very simple. This board is for the discussion of individual high-growth companies and their stocks. It’s NOT for posts with lists of of earnings release dates. There are plenty of boards that would be happy to have them, but this isn’t one of them.

Look, here’s the problem. As we move into the earnings season someone posts a list of six or seven companies reporting the next week, half of which aren’t even relevant to our board, and which we don’t even recognize… Then later that day, another person will post: “And don’t forget ABCD”. And a little later someone else says: “And EFGH.” And then someone who read the initial post but not the follow-up posts will repeat, “EFGH is posting this week too!” And a day later someone else has his favorite stock that he feels the board is ignoring and he posts its reporting date. And on and on into the next week when there a new group. It’s just noise, board pollution. Yesterday I had to delete a half-dozen of them.

If you want to find out when your companies are going to announce here are some suggestions:

Your broker will let you set up a portfolio to receive alerts about your companies. Schwab certainly does. And you can specify what you want to be alerted about.

Seeking Alpha will let you set up a portfolio and receive alerts about each of the companies in the portfolio. Last I looked it was a free service. It’s an excellent service. I have alerts set up on both my broker and Seeking Alpha. They work fine.

Next, many companies, on their Investor Relations pages, will let you sign up and let you specify what you want to receive (Press Releases, Quarterly Results, SEC Filings, etc). That works fine too.

Please DO NOT POST lists of earnings dates on our board. Although they may be well intentioned they end up being off-topic nuisance posts.

Thanks for your cooperation