Email alerts for news on a stock?

Can anyone suggest a good way to get alerts when there is a new news story related to a company.

I’m specifically interested in knowing when AEYE announces something, like what would pop up in the “Headlines” section of their yahoo finance page

The reason being, that AEYE has pre-announced their results just after each of the last quarters ended, so it shows up as a bit of a surprise, unlike companies that don’t preannounce and have a scheduled date for their initial earnings release. So I’d like to see this as timely as possible. I don’t mind if I get a few random alerts about other press releases where they announcing signing on a new preschool or barbershop’s website. It’s not like Apple or Google where there would be dozens of new news stories every day.

Let me know if you have any good suggestions



Most companies allow you to sign up for email alerts on the Investor Relations page of their website. Not sure if AEYE does but worth a look.


Seeking Alpha has an alert service. I’m not sure if the announcements you are interested in would be included there or not.

Mekong, Set up a portfolio with Seeking Alpha. It’s free. Ask for alerts on each of your stocks.

Also, if you are interested in something specific like pre-announcing of earnings immediately after the end of the quarter, bookmark the companies investor page, and just click it and check each day for press releases.


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thanks everyone

I use Seeking Alpha. Yahoo has a PR page

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