On running an investment board

At times when the market is down, running an investing board like this can be a very stressful hobby. It’s not only worrying about our very strong companies with stocks that crash after coming out with great quarterly results, when you wonder if the world is going crazy. Then there are a myriad of new members of our board who don’t know or follow the rules of the board, and who ask basic elementary questions. And, at those times when our stocks are down, the trolls always show up, full of reasons why our stocks will go to zero, added to complaints about how we run the board. And, the world is just trying to come out of two years of Covid restrictions, and we have container ships backed up at all the ports and supply chain problems, and, oh yes, we have Putin starting the first real land war in Europe in several generations, to add to the confusion. Anyone want my job??? :grinning::grinning::grinning:.

However, there are some positive lights in the darkness. I have received some very supportive emails, which have made me feel that it’s all worthwhile after all. I can’t respond to each one, but they are very appreciated. Here are a couple, reproduced anonymously, from people I’ve never met, a short email and a long one, which really helped me feel better.



Hi Saul, this is a thank you email. Thanks for the monthly updates, thanks for the well-timed posts of wisdom and reassurance, thanks for the gentle pushbacks on the board trolls, and mostly, thanks just for being you. Thank you so much. Kindest regards from your friend in Cape Breton,

Saul, I don’t know how you do it, but I’m grateful that you do. Sharing your knowledge on the board, explaining, in depth(!) your thoughts on investing, honestly baring your missteps, essentially teaching the world how to invest in high growth stocks.

I’ve been with you since 2016 when I stumbled upon your board shortly after retiring from my airline career. Back then you had a different style with AMZN, SBNY, LGIH, SKX…but your average annual return of 27% was very impressive.

I’m not much of stock guy, financial reports cause my eyes to glaze over, so I don’t post on your board. But I can read and understand summaries and recommendations of trusted sources and services. I don’t blindly follow you, but most of your selections appear in my top ten.

I was fortunate to have retired with enough to live on. My main investing goal was not to screw it up, so I keep enough off the table to pay bills no matter what the market does. That allows me to be rather aggressive with stocks, and even after this downturn, we are comfortably ahead of even my most optimistic forecast.

Thanks again, you have made a difference in our lives, and my brother’s, and other family member’s.

Sorry that you have to deal with the newbies silly questions and trolls nay saying, but you know how to do that rather well!