On the Shorts' targets

On the Shorts’ targets, let’s see,

Ubiquiti is already back around its all time highs.

Shopify, which was a later attack, is still hovering well above its short-attack bottom, but even further from its all time highs.

Neither of them folded up and died. But Citron seems to be picking companies with unconventional business models, making ridiculous accusations that pushes the price down temporarily, closing their short, and then moving on. Could Hubspot be next, for a lot of wild accusations? Who knows? Am I getting paranoid? Probably. But an unconventional company reporting super earnings, having 8 or 10 analysts raise estimates and price goals, and then the stock just just sitting there instead of taking off makes me suspicious that someone is taking advantage of the buying that must be going on to take a short position. Like I said, getting paranoid.



PS - I still added again to my Hubspot today, so I’m not paralyzed by my paranoia.


Could Hubspot be next, for a lot of wild accusations?

One can only hope.

Still have a little cash left and one old stock to sell. Maybe Amazon too. Might sell it in the “Saul” Port and move it to the “Stogie old slow growth Port.”