SHOP - Citron part 2?

Looks like Left may plan to issue another report on Shop. See article here:…

Short-seller Andrew Left of Citron Research said on Wednesday that he is investigating various aspects of software company Shopify Inc’s business and will “most likely” publish a follow-up to the Oct. 4 report that sent its shares plunging.

“I am looking at many parts of the business,” Left told Reuters, adding that this would include aspects not covered by his initial report.

Asked if he would issue another report he replied: “Most likely.”

If you look at Citron’s twitter account, you can see they just posted 4 hours ago bashing another stock (HMNY). Not sure if Left will follow through or just wants to hold the stock down with the threat of another report.


He seems to have move on from Ubiquiti, unless a substantial portion of the remaining short shares are him (which I doubt, based on the flimsy-ness of his fraud claim).

I do feel sorry for the retail shorts that followed Left on Ubiquiti, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t be glad for myself to see the price jump as they get squeezed.

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Unless something drastic happens the $50 puts I sold will expire on the 20th above the strike price with 100% gain.