One more "cry wolf" :) - SKX

Skechers really did drop nearly 5% on Wednesday, on high volume. The news was an analyst’s downgrade.

In this case, I think it’s the analyst that’s crying “wolf.” I’m still long on SKX.

I still think it is robo-trading. Ready, shoot, aim. I am trying to take advantage. Sitting on 5.8% gain on AMN in 5 days (was over 8% 'til last night with another no news drop); 5.9% on LGIH (which could have been 20% but the plan was in-and-out); 1.9% yesterday on SKX. I missed BOFI as it dropped after bedtime but will see what opportunity is presented pre-market or at opening).

I’m not buying much on these drops. Just lab-scale. Problem is that my news feed sucks. Rarely any news on E*Trade. Maybe something with a google search, or Seeking Alpha. But this is blind or one eyed trading and the opportunity sometimes is fleeting. Some day I’ll make a big purchase and find out the news REALLY is really bad. :frowning: