Let's talk SKX

Getting off the BOFI treadmill, but really a related issue. SKX will announce quarterly results in a few days. If you take the high end and make a rough x4 multiple, $1.75 x4 that would be $7 EPS on a sort of forward looking basis (which is somewhat non-standard here, but bear with me here). $7 would be about 6.5 p/e.
Having raised some cash to buy BOFI, I’m thinking SKX is more attractive right now. But, let’s take BOFI out of the discussion and just leave it at opinions on SKX as a good buy right here. Another post-earnings pop?


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$7 would be about 6.5 p/e.

KC, did you forget that they just split 3 for 1. That $1.75 is more like 58 cents and the PE of 6.5 may be more like 19.5. Still a good investment though.


Thanks, Saul. I have my head where the sun shines now. Free breathing restored.