Only reason to do business with Wells Fargo

I signed up for a credit card with Wells Fargo (2% cash back on everything, plus a $200 rebate if you spend $500 within the first 3 months you use the card.)

You’re not getting that kind of return on an i-bond. {{ LOL }}



I signed up for a Citibank Double Cash card, also effectively 2% cash back (sometimes more than 2% if using it for gift cards), and also a $200 bonus upon spending the first $500.

Citibank is also bad … but not quite as bad as Walls Fargo.

Wells Fargo should have received the “death penalty”, kind of like Arthur Andersen received.

Citi now owns a card that I carry. Way back, when the earth was young, credit card companies charged a fee, just to carry their card. An offer from this other card floated into my mailbox, in the early 90s: “no annual fee for life”. My cards and statements used to say “charter member”, and the paperwork that came with new cards said “no fee for life”. Citi generated paperwork no longer says those things, so I have retained the 30 year old paperwork, in case those “fine humanitarians” at Citi try to gouge me with annual fees.

Of course, Citi never gives up on trying to get me to convert the existing card to one of theirs, so they can gouge me. “Citi come-on offer, meet shredder”


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Capitalize the ‘S’ on ‘shredder’. LOL…