Open Source Business Model Article

For all of those like me still confused about the open source business model, I found this article outlining various approaches open source companies can use to make money. I find it clarifying in understanding the difference in approach that MDB and ESTC are taking.…


Thanks for the Open Source link. Yes, making money by giving stuff away is hard. Hosting, IMO, is the best of the five business models because it provides a lot more perceived value than the Open Source code all by itself – you pay for a service and you don’t particularly care how the supplier puts it together.

Mongo earning season is a perfect illustration. While people were touting Mongo’s “freemium” I did not invest until I saw the accelerated uptake of Atlas, their hosting service which is growing at an astounding 400%. The reason for their new stricter licensing is to stop cloud providers from cannibalizing their hosting business.

Denny Schlesinger