Opening Up Signs or Inflation?

We booked our two week vacation in Varadero some weeks back when there were ‘Booking Promos’ upgrades and other perks to get us to put our money down. Total cost at an All inclusive four star resort with a ROCPLUS room upgrade that included unlimited Ala Carte restaurant meals and of course direct flights with Sunwing was just over C$3500.

Wife went through the site last night and the very same trip, in the very same upgraded room standard in the very same resort, flying direct to and from Halifax airport to Varadero and return going two weeks later than we are is now C$5350 and there are only two seats left on the airplane!

Most provinces are in the process of opening up (learning to live with COVID) or some such nonsense. Vaccination rates are generally high and most deaths are in the very elderly population. You are not welcome on the airplane unless you qualify as fully vaccinated. We uploaded our proof of vaccination status and Passport info to the ARRIVECAN app yesterday and got the appropriate tickets on our cellphones.

More news, Halifax port is being booked by cruise lines for 2022 … hope the weather gets better … high winds and cold rain today.…