Oracle to Buy Huge from AMD

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison reportedly omitted Intel’s name when discussing the firm’s processor spending plans Wednesday: ‘This year, Oracle will buy GPUs and CPUs from three companies. We will buy GPUs from Nvidia, and we’re buying billions of dollars of those. We will spend three times that on CPUs from Ampere and AMD.’


Now we know why there was that pop with AMD stock price I’m thinking…doc

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We congratulate MosaicML on this work (the blog is a great read!) and AMD for their ROCm work to improve the performance of the MI250. We look forward to the next round, whether run by MosaicML or MLCommons. But regardless of what we don’t yet know, we DO know that the days of NVIDIA having sole reign over AI is coming to an end; AMD and possibly Intel have chips that can run AI models without change and have the next-gen chips in the hopper.

Forbes writes about the MosaicML testing…doc