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AMD is now a bigger company, by market capitalization, than Intel. It may be close, but AMD has passed Intel for the first time in the company’s history with a ~$197.75 billion market cap at the close of the market on February 15 compared to Intel’s $197.24 billion. AMD’s sudden market cap surge comes on the back of its blockbuster $49 billion acquisition of Xilinx, the largest semiconductor acquisition in history.


That is quite remarkable, and based on zero growth for Intel and high growth rates for AMD. Are they sustainable?

The big Intel investor presentation is tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon. It seems every time they talk about things, the stock crashes some more. We will have to see what they have to say this time…

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It seems every time they (Intel) talk about things, the stock crashes some more.
Yep, Intel is down about 5% this morning.
My key takeaways:
Sapphire Rapids (Intel 7 server) on track to ship next month. The leaks have shown it is now on the “D” stepping, which means it has been in debug for a very long time and there have been quite a few problems.

Sapphire Rapids with HBM ships in H2 2022

ARC GPU’s shipping now, add in boards for desktop in Q2, workstation in Q3

Raptor Lake minor upgrade to Alder Lake client demoed, and should hit late 2022

Meteor Lake (Intel 4) appears to be later in 2023, with nothing in 2022

The server roadmap was clarified. Emerald Rapids on Intel 7 ships 1 year after SR (Q1 2023?) and goes in the same socket as SR
Granite Rapids is on Intel 3 (There is no Intel 4 server part) and releases in Q1 2024? with a new socket. There is also Sierra Forest on Intel 3 that is all E-cores and uses the same platform as Granite Rapids.