Organized Retail Theft Part II

Job Creators are stealing from their employees on a massive scale. Government cronies can’t be bothered to look into it.


While nearly $99 million in wages were ordered across more than 57,000 cases from 2010 to 2020, [according to the report] 80% of those payments have yet to be received by workers.

Wage theft is persistent across Texas, costing individual workers nearly $4,000 a year on average in minimum wage violations, and over $12 billion as a group over the last 14 years.

mmmm…Shiny…because all the money belongs to the “JC”. Giving any of “his money” to the workers is Socialistical, and “kills jobs”.

RS, repeatedly sued for violation of wage and hour laws, across the country, was based in Fort Worth.


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OTOH - You have MA State Troopers bagging the number of hours for OT and Double pay and are screwing us MA taxpayers… Honesty is in short supply lately…


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This sounds like the kind of thing that the Institute for Justice might take on.

The question I have is who to name as the defendant - the Workforce Commission or each employer? Maybe both?

The Commission for failing to do their job - potentially resulting in Federal or judicial oversight until they clean up their act. The employers for failing to pay the back wages as ordered.