OT:A Happy Relief Tonight

On a personal note, over the last three months I have retrained in 3D digital art. The effort is to mint 200 NFTs.

The effort of retraining has been very intense. Self taught in three months I am now on the upper intermediate level. There are people on this level who are not as cutting edge because they may have been at it longer and training in some of the recent software methods takes grit.

The relief is the first prototype was completed today making all of the other versions falling more easily into place. I have broken through to the other side of creating an entire collection going forward.


I would be very interested in seeing your work.

So, who are you working with to sell your NFTs?

Are you on Twitter? Find me, DM me, @peregreine (misspelled because peregrine was taken). Best of luck in this endeavor.


Interesting you are knee deep in it.

My work will be registered with the US Copyright Office sometime in June. It wont be published till after that. Infringing on art is a national past time. If someone does that to me they can talk to my lawyers.

I have a new set of SM profiles and an interesting marketing strategy. All of it has been quietly set up for my animations come June.

I wont follow anyone at all back on SM. The animations will either be hit or miss. If hit a lot of people will follow the accounts.

The art has some significant twists on my identity. You will see when I go public. There are things not done today identity wise that really should be done.

I have to leave you in the dark. If hit there is too much money on the line to discuss this prior to listing the animations on Opensea. The whole lot of them will be dropped some weeks after that for auction. The reserve will be modestly high.

I have set up a merchandise channel already as well.

If you have ideas on merchandise channels for NFT work let me know. Thanks.

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prior to listing the animations on Opensea …

What does it cost upfront to list a collection on Opensea, and what is the average income of an Opensea vendor? Is the average NFT minter making any money?


I think I’d rather be a platform operator collecting “skim” than an NFT minter?




The blogger is really a sloppy thinker and writer. With bloggers always figure if they are down on something the blogger failed at it. Does not mean he is entirely wrong. Just means he does not totally get it nor does he know fully how to work with the process.

My cost will be slightly under $300 for the 200 NFTs. The blogger seemingly does not know his stuff. Opensea pays for minting if an auction using WETH runs its course in full. I will pay to initiate an account with Opensea and to work with WETH a one time fee.

Looking at Polygon is lame. You are allowed one price for each piece in the collection. It is a low price as if the collection of usually cards has little value.

Eth is transferred to WETH. WETH is Wrapped Ethereum. Ethereum is an in the moment transaction. WETH is used to keep a bid in place during an auction process. One Eth will always equal one WETH. There is a fee to start using WETH.

MetaMask is not a good wallet. It has high fees for transactions. It is only secured by the holder. Many people have been hacked. Not MetaMask’s fault people are hacked. The ideology of many early adopters to Crypto was to have control and not pay taxes. That is nonsense because the electronic wallets, ie MetaMask, fully identify the users ie bank account number, credit card numbers, addresses, license photos…etc…

I will go with Coinbase for the better somewhat lower fees. I will go with a second wallet Coinbase Pro to be on their exchange. Keeping assets on Coinbase Pro affords me those lower fees and the company’s cold storage so in all likelihood I can not be hacked. The security is free. People trying to secure their own cold wallets at home are at times still hacked and it is an added complicated expense.

If someone does not know what they are doing yes this is not their game.

My project will be hit or miss. The private responses I have so far have been Wow. The collection in its entirely will get a lot of attention. Or fall flat.

I can not at this time discuss the marketing. If the project does not fall flat there will be as many as one million viewers per day. I will not be paying a dime for the marketing.

The question is will a new class of very monied NFT collectors want the NFTs? Unknown for now.


Leap1, applause to you for putting so much effort into this enterprise!
Wishing you lots of successful sales. :slight_smile:




Thank you very much.

I am here in the wee hours. Just unlocked how to make alterations without massive rendering times. The process has been cut down by months.