OT:ACLU Spikes Plan 2 Seize Russian Assets


The American Civil Liberties Union helped scuttle a bill this week that would have enabled the Biden administration to liquidate Russian oligarchs’ assets and turn the proceeds over to Ukraine.

ACLU officials told lawmakers on Tuesday that the legislation could run afoul of due process protections in the U.S. Constitution because it does not allow its targets to challenge the government’s actions in court, according to two people familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe private talks. ACLU officials warned that the measure would probably be struck down by the judicial branch if enacted as proposed, giving Russia a potential propaganda victory over the United States, the people said.

I wonder could aid Afghanistan from US imposed starvation.
An international aid group warned last week that Afghanistan is on the brink of complete collapse as the Biden administration and European governments refuse to release the war-torn nation’s central bank reserves, depriving the economy of critical funds as millions face poverty and starvation.
MSM news reports on starvation in Afghanistan:


We know the US government did this to German companies in World War I. Under the War Powers act assets were seized and sold to US companies.

Was that challenged in court? Did the German companies get paid for their losses?

Why can’t this be done now? Or does it require Congress to declare war?

Was that challenged in court? Did the German companies get paid for their losses?

Probably not–because they aided the losing side of the war. Aspirin–remember?

I see I omitted a few words in the OP.

I wonder if the ACLU could aid Afghanistan from US imposed starvation.

Check out the review of “Aspirin Wars” on the Books–Non-fiction discussion board.


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