OT: An elegant looking flying car...

The following linked video shows Stefan Klein’s sleek and functional flying car in action on an intercity European flight:



I won’t be buying one soon, but I imagine there are plenty of deep-pocketed adventurers who would like to own a street safe airplane for business or pleasure.

Klein’s highly refined design includes folding wings and a retractable tail - transorming a plane that looks like a car into a car that looks like a plane.

Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird, eat your heart out.



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This is certainly a beautiful and elegant hybrid vehicle. It’s important to remember that it is an airplane and must follow all aviation directives when in the air. Most important, the owner needs to keep it in “car” mode when the weather is bad because the “airplane” mode is just as vulnerable to the weather as every other small aircraft.

This airplane/ car is a work of art. It should be in the Museum of Modern Art along with other transformative inventions.


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