$XPEV's Flying Car Demonstrated in Video

Yes, please! Put me in one of these over the waters on either side of US1 down in the Keys.

Electrek headline: Watch XPeng’s latest video of an HT Aero eVTOL that you drive like a flying car
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- Jul. 13th 2022 8:28 am PT



Urban air mobility (UAM) company HT Aero continues to make progress toward the “flying car” it has promised to deliver by 2024. XPeng Huitian (aka HT Aero) recently posted a video to Weibo demonstrating an eVTOL prototype taking off, flying around, and being maneuvered like a car. It has the XPeng Motors steering wheel and everything – check it out.

HT Aero is the rebranded name of XPeng Huitian, a majority-owned entity of XPeng Inc. and founder He Xiaopeng. Since its foundation in 2013, HT Aero has conducted over 15,000 safely manned flights with the goal of combining automotive and aerospace technologies to develop safe, domestic electric flying vehicles at scale.

This began with the T1 eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) vehicle in 2019, followed by the X1 in 2020, which appears to be the model demonstrated in the video below, given that it doesn’t have a roof like the X2.

Speaking of which, the X2 is the company’s fifth-generation “flying car.” Although it doesn’t have wheels, HT Aero refers to the X2 as a flying car, because it shares much of the same design DNA as the XPeng P7 sedan.

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When I look at the foolishness and mayhem on regular city streets, I very much doubt if flying cars will be permitted in such an environment… at least under human control.

Hmmmm… a get a flashback to that Pink Panther movie where Inspector Clouseau drives into a pool.

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Add A/I to a flying car, just like the A/I that makes drones avoid trees flying quickly through forests, or the A/I which keeps drones in lit fireworks formations without ever colliding.