OT: Argentina wins World Cup

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How many countries compete in the Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series? Two?

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,and the French are typically moaning:

Meanwhile, French football fans are now crying foul and trying to create a controversy over Messi’s final goal in the match. Many believe that Argentina’s third goal shouldn’t have been allowed citing the presence of substitute players on the field.

the French - biggest whingers in the world

Now that is an interesting article that I started reading because of my love for soccer, and I ended up researching the background of the egg story and the whole Budweiser thing. This is what a person like me, who appreciates finding out random information from unexpected sources, would call a good read.

And not to be unfair to the French, there are a lot of top-quality whingers out there.

I’ll just leave all the controversies surrounding this World Cup aside for now and say one last thing - it was a fine way for Messi to finish his career in the national team.


Some 30 to 50 years ago, when Edson Arantes do Nascimento – Pelé was active, Brazil and Argentina were among the top football powerhouses. Messi brought back some of that glory.

I visited Rio de Janeiro back in 1976 to photograph a Star sailing regatta. Of course we went sightseeing the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema to take in the tángas. The further we went the smaller they got. The other incredible spectacle was Cariocas – the people of Rio – playing football barefoot in the sand running as fast and as agile as most players with spikes on grass. An incredible sight!

Years ago, when Messi was much younger, Pelé was asked to rate him. Pelé was not impressed, he said something to the effect that Messi didn’t have all the skills, too much of a one trick pony. His dribbling is phenomenal!

BTW, Pelé, at 5’ 8" was one inch taller than Messi.

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Many years ago, when I worked in internal audit for a multi-national company, I was in Rio and much of my personal time was spent on the Rio beaches.

There were many, many incredible sights on the Rio beaches.

None of them had anything to do with soccer.



There is now a petition wanting the world cup replayed:

I’m from England and I want a replay of the England v France match as the referee should have given us a penalty when Kane was brought down in the box!

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I"m all for a rematch - sounds like a great idea. How about we schedule it for 2026?

See you there.



I am from the US and I think the loss to Netherlands was fake news.


Messi is not clean shaven.