OT: Avoid the vig

Aside from the insane average ticket price of $8,600 for today’s Super Bowl (whatever Roman number it is), the amount of money wagered on the game, around $23 billion, is mind numbing. Below is a WaPo article about bets wagered on the national anthem!

Of course, this is like Christmas AND winning the lotto for bookies, who skim money regardless of who wins the bet. The only reason for giving odds is to ensure there is equal betting on both sides of wager. The bookies always win.

As for me, Ms. Wolf and I will watch the game in the comfort of our den, snacking on mostly healthy stuff. And if the bathroom is being used at halftime, I’ll just use the one upstairs.

Gifted article:

This is the unhealthy food I’ll be munching on:



M = 1000
X = 10
I = 1

The Captain

And here I thought it was LVIII…



In the year MMXXIII they are playing the LVIII edition of the sport.

I guess I just don’t follow the game.

The Captain

Normally, the football media hype would die out, for a couple weeks, after rehashing the Superbowl daily for a week or so. (the Detroit media still rehashes the Lions loss two weeks ago daily). But the NFL draft, formerly a few people sitting at a couple tables, which has now grown into a three day hype event, is in Detroit this year. The draft is in late April. The Detroit media is already hyping the draft daily.

Of course, by late April, the media is already deep into pre-season football hype. “what did the Lions coach say” “what did this player say”, “what did that player say”, “the Lions had workouts today”, “the Lions had OTAs today”, “the Lions had a minicamp today”. yap, Yap YAPYAPYAPYAP. The football hype machine is going to be in overdrive, every day, of every week, for the entire year.


I thought the year was MMXXlV…


Thank Hindus for Arabic numerals.

The Captain


Today I plan to win the Pooper Bowl and make it to the bathroom and use a real toilet instead of this bedside commode!

Today is week 2 of an eBike spill at slow speed that fractured my pelvis in 3 places.

Flat on my back, just moved from hospital to Rehab facility last week.

Only joy is the way the Saul stocks have been treating me. I went a little heavier on AI and thus nudged me ahead of Saul. 17.5% YTD.

PT is gone until Monday. Go figure. My fractures don’t take the weekend off. I quit the Oxy 2 days ago but having a hard time just getting 2 Ibuprofen with every meal. They give the Oxy out like candy. It would be a shame for this facility’s record if I had to go back on Oxy for the pain. (luckily my daughter brought me a bottle of Advil).

Travel Insurance will cover the eBike tour to Cuba that I have to cancel. Costa Rica March 8 will probably have to cancel but for that it falls right inside the 6-8 weeks total healing of this type of non-surgical fractures. Not sure how surfing affects a pelvis fracture.

By all indications I am ahead of the healing curve for this type of fracture.

I can walk around the room really slow with the walker and have done it by myself every 3 hours or so. Moseyed over to the bag with my protein bars, looked at them, went to other side of room to look at clothes my daughter brought me. Wandered over to the bathroom and turned on the light, decided piece of cake if I wasn’t in a hurry. . . .

Who am I rooting for? Why Tay-Tay of course!


I’m a lifelong Lion’s fan ( yeah, it’s been a long life, lol ) ,so no skin in the game for me. don’t really care too much who wins. But Mahomes is the best QB I have ever seen, so I’ll be pulling for the Chiefs. As an aside, have a friend who lives in the KC area, and before the season started we both came to the conclusion that it would be the Chiefs vs the Lion’s in the SB. Came oh so close to being right.


My best wishes for a total recovery.

Illegitimi non carborundum, don’t let it wear you down!

The Captain


Brief conversation during yesterday’s Stupor Bowl:

Ms.Wolf: I don’t understand a thing Tony Romo says.

AlphaWolf: Don’t worry, honey. Neither does he.

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I would guess that your doc would not approve of it less than a month from now regardless of how ahead of the curve you are in your healing. Good luck and I hope you really do heal fast and completly.

As a Packers owner I was also rooting for the Lions to get to and win the SB. Their fans deserve some positivity. Other than the Pack, I’ve been rooting for the Lions for a couple of years and I think you are on the right path at last. You should have some great successes over the next couple of years. Good luck with replacing Goff; as that is the next critical decision point.



You are probably right but the Orthopedic Dr came in to see me right after it happened and said I didn’t need a follow-up visit or follow-up x-rays and that would be the last I would see him.

Walked down the hallway today. (with a huge help from my walker)

Thanks for your input. Won’t lose anything if I wait a few days to cancel Costa Rica.

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" Good luck with replacing Goff; as that is the next critical decision point."

I have a core group of old friends, we do group texts during Lions games, pretty knowledgeable about football. We were all pretty happy when Rogers left Packers, up until the Thanksgiving Day game. Then we were all like, oh crap, at this point in time Jordan Love is better than Rogers. Packers front office is really,really good at identifying and drafting talent. For the 1st time in my life, Lions front office has for 3 straight years shown that they are really good at identifying and drafting talent. We all see Goff’s weaknesses ( still really like him ), he has the mobility of an oak tree. But he’s got a really quick mind, he’s decisive in the pocket. Lions have a older rookie backup qb, I never seen him play in college, but my friends say he could be really good. Mobile and athletic.

Here’s to hoping the Chicago Bears have the same old mediocre front office. If they trade that #1 overall for a bundle, they could get really good really fast, too.

NFC North could get real tough.


I’m expecting them to make the wrong decision since they are totally dysfunctional. They will draft Caleb and he will be the next Jamarcus Russell and Chicago will wonder what happened! Trading out and getting a haul is the obvious proper call! Still wondering what is going on with the Purples!

Good fortune and Good luck next season; but not too much!


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Lions ongoing navel-gazing & perseveration seems even worse than in Patriots Nation!

Used to have a friend in AA who was a bookie still hanging out in a bar with people who placed bets. Whenever UCONN women or men won a championship he was out $20k to $35k that night. He had to take those bets.

Not true for the Kansas City bookies.

Bookies only make money if there is action on both sides of the bet.

San Fran bookies cleaned house.