OT: Book Bans fall out of favor

… apparently an atheist got The Bible banned in one school. {{ LOL }}



But he is apparently sticking to his guns that only religions he approves of can send chaplains into public schools. What was that first amendment establishment clause? Oh, yeah. It has been ignored since the 50s. iirc, Justice Thomas has insisted that the establishment clause has never been “incorporated”, which is the process where Bill Of Rights protections are extended to apply to state laws.



Hitler tried it
Stain tried it
Putin is trying it

Current statistics prove that modern book banning only suppresses diverse literature, public education, and reading rights. Ironically, book banning harms people instead of protecting community members. We must reiterate that many of these concepts are rooted in a deadly 19th-century tradition that only “protects” white and wealthy individuals.

Books are challenged and banned under the guise of trying to protect children, but these actions can have devastating consequences, often stemming from more sinister motives. For example, the most commonly cited reason for book challenges in 2020 was LGTBQIA+ topics — a highly harmful concept of exclusion, shame, and marginalization. Similarly, when children’s literature is banned for depicting real-life events, it makes children feel like an outcast for resonating with those experiences. Worst of all, parents who participate in the banning of diverse literature could severely harm their children’s personal development.


One Florida school district has removed dictionaries from public schools. Because it is too dangerous for anyone but the state to provide definitions to certain words.

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The US, long before it devolved into Shiny-land, has had a faction that demands conformity in act, speech, and thought. Books that do not conform are thus banned. I remember an ep of the “Lou Grant” TV series of the late 70s that dealt with book burning nutters.

The farther the US descends into Shinyness, the more I appreciate " Fahrenheit 451"