OT - Death and injury toll in Gaza war since October 7, 2023


  • About 18,000 Palestinians have been killed and 49,500 wounded in Israeli attacks since October 7, including 297 in the past 24 hours.
  • More destruction across occupied West Bank as Israeli raids ramp up.
  • World Food Programme says 36 percent of Gaza households now experiencing “severe hunger”.

Israeli deaths and injuries are reported to be less than1400 deaths and less than 1400 injuries.

18,00 Palestinian deaths are more than 13 times greater than Israeli deaths

49,500 Palestinian injuries are more than 35 times greater than Israeli injuries

About 5000 Palestinians are missing and probably dead.

Soon many more Palestinians are also going to die from starvation, disease and lack of shelter.

Maybe next time they won’t start a war they can’t win. But from what I hear they would do it over and over again. Some people just don’t learn.



Why learn anything when you can make garbage claims about a text that Jewish scribes wrote around 700 AD? If you make enough false claims you can not face reality.

The other issue all of their ancestors were Jewish.

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Choices have consequences. Palestinians chose Hamas and face the consquences of that choice. It is all a charade and they know it.


But have they really? Yes, they elected Hamas leadership once. But since then, the elections have had about the same legitimacy as Putin’s elections. They hired them, but they can’t get rid of them. (There’s a lesson to be learned there, if anyone is paying attention.)

The problem I see that that Israel’s response at this point is virtually guaranteeing that the Palestinian survivors of this war will hate Israel for the rest of their lives. And while Israel may be able to remove the threat of attack by Hamas, that will only last for a short while. The Palestinians whose families are being killed, maimed, and injured are the next Hamas in waiting.

Yes, Israel needed to respond to the attack by Hamas. But I don’t think this particular response is a good choice for the long term. I suspect it would have been better to use a scalpel than the mass destruction that is in process now.

At one time, Israel was thought to have one of the best intelligence operations and some of the best secret forces in the world. If they still had those, this would have been the perfect time to use them.



Hamas can entirely surrender and even from a completely lost situation negotiate with Israel. Hamas can man up for the very first time and have open elections even in the middle of all the rubble. All that is standing in their way is how cowardly their leaders are and their prejudice against anyone who is not Muslim.