OT: Emily Post's Etiquette: The Centennial Edition

“Emily Post’s Etiquette: The Centennial Edition,” by Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning, Ten Speed Press, California, 2022. This 407-page hardback is the latest update to this classical etiquette manual. We learn not only which fork to use or where to place the fish knife but practical suggestions for numerous social situations. What to wear has been expanded to include business casual as well blue jeans, t-shirts and sandals. Suggestions are included for women’s wear. The best advice for the new employee is ask for the employer’s dress code.

If you are invited to a white tie event, this is your guide. Or hosting a dinner party or a house guest. Also extensive suggestions for tipping in a variety of situations.

This is a useful reference for many activities. Highly recommended. Index. Illustrations. Index.


Thank you for sharing this. I somehow missed it so did a quick search and found the following article:

“I think mostly that it’s really easy to paint etiquette and manners as tools for elitism, tools for secrecy, tools for exclusion. But when we’re using etiquette and manners as a tool for self-reflection and awareness of others, I think we’re really going to have a chance to make the world a nicer place.”

I couldn’t agree more.


For those averse to anything from Fox:

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Well, I had it coming and I fully accept it. It was one of the first things that appeared after I did the search, and this is what you get when you click without too much thinking. Anyway, I liked the quote enough to share the whole article regardless of the source.

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I appreciated the article you linked to, and was about to send the link to my sisters, when I finally noticed that it was Fox. Neither they nor I are part of Fox’s regular audience. It took a bit of searching but once I found a link I would send to them, I figured why not share it here. :sunglasses:

Anyway, I sent the link with the Subject Quaint? Useful? Entertaining? and
received a reply from one sister:

She was the doyenne of manners, though there were others, notably Amy Vanderbilt, in the mix. She even founded The Emily Post Institute which (would you believe) is still going and which offers training in proper manners. It looks like some things haven’t changed – a formal place setting, for instance, still involves two plates,ten utensils and four glasses – but it also offers the etiquette of social distancing and pandemic weddings (neither of which I pursued). So quaint? – absolutely; useful? – perhaps marginally; entertaining? – most likely, but only if you go for the original edition. Certainly, along with grammar and spelling, it is largely absent from social media.


Thanks for sharing the article, and your sister’s reply, now that I’m sending thanks. I almost accidentally “foxed” your whole family, which is actually funny, considering my profile picture.

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