Where is Mungofitch?

I think I’m figuring this out. I hope mungofitch and some other regulars figure it out soon too. We have some things to talk about in this current meltdown.


His profile shows he last logged in 10 hours ago, but didn’t post anything


I’m guessing he’s bumbling thru this new board format like the rest of us.


Is there a way to get alerts when someone like mungo posts? On the old board I would view it unthreaded and just click on his posts, but I don’t think I can do that anymore.


You can view activity on their profile page, just like the old boards. Here is a directly link to Mungo’s activity. https://discussion.fool.com/u/mungofitch/activity


@ CMFMints (Hope this gets to him, don’t want to repost this in a different thread he is on.)

Yeah, the old board if you went away for a week on vacation, when you came back there might be 100-200 new posts on a board. I always read in unthreaded mode. You could quickly scan for people and/or topics that you don’t have time for, or that you don’t care about—and just bypass them. Can’t do that here.

If there’s 90 new posts on a thread and you only want to look at the ones that Mungofitch wrote—too bad. It’s not that I want to ignore poster XYZ (I know how to do that), it’s that I don’t want to read what they have to say on that thread. This new board, you can’t do that. You get XYZ’s post right in your face, whether you want to see it or not. Ugh.


Yeah, I can see that - I still scan pretty quickly when I’ve been gone even through long threads using the slider on the right.

You can also search in a long thread for specific names but probably doesn’t work on mobile.


Hey Ray - I’ve had a look at TMFMints profile picture and I think he is a she.


  • but ya never know nowadays how folks prefer to be addressed :wink:

That’s probably what I’m missing most about the old boards. For instance, METAR gets a lot of traffic. I would generally use the recs count to point me towards interesting posts, reading only about 10-20% of posts. I’d probably read half of the posts to BRK, on average, depending on thread topic and number of recs. Unless I’m missing something, I now need to scroll through every post.



You can follow a user by clicking on their profile image so here’s a @mungofitch post:

If you click on his profile image you will see a follow button:

Click that and you’re following them. If they were already one of your favorite Fools on the old system you should already be following them because we migrated that data.

There is a Follows tab on your profile that will show you recent posts from all the Fools you Follow:


Exactly. What’s the old term for a bloated unwieldy interface? Kludgy?


Voila :magic_wand: - I present you the most liked topics from the METAR board for the past week.


I’ve had a look at TMFMints profile picture

Don’t place too much faith in profile pictures, some of us are not being completely honest about our appearance with them.


Thank you.

I’ll accept that :slight_smile:
Was kinda looking for most liked posts (vs. topics), but I can make that work.

Thanks again,


That doesn’t actually help finding most liked posts. It’s just most-liked TOPICs which is approximately the equivalent of most-liked threads. Which is somewhat dependent on number/quantity of responses (so far) rather than the individual quality of the responses.
When you click the topic you are presented with the full text of every response rather than say a list of the responders and their likes.
That’s not a useful way to have a discussion or how we used the old system.


A nice feature would be sort by most-liked post, and then clicking on a post takes you to that post in it’s thread, so you can see the context. That would maybe be a little better than what we had before. For a future release? :slight_smile:

  • I used to read most everything in UNthreaded mode
  • I used to read in UNthreaded mode and look for select posters
  • I used to read everything in threaded mode
  • I used to hopscotch around and look only for certain posters
  • I used to read based on interesting thread titles and/or certain posters

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I have some theories here but this poll will help me confirm or discard them. Of course that will depend on whether I can ever find this post again, which is uncertain.


You can bookmark your own post and optionally set a time to be reminded of your bookmark. Or you can see your posts via the “My Posts” in the sidebar.


I think unthreaded was the old default, and I always found that rather odd. I would click threaded to see the entire conversation. It just makes sense to me to already a forum like that, but I guess I’m the odd member out. An individual message rarely seemed to stand alone.

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The previous Threaded view was fairly bad. It didn’t track the posts you read, and always started you at the beginning of each thread. And there was no way to tell which threads had new posts.