OT: flyerboy Dreams of Mice & Men...

During late February, when an unusually cold air mass has created clear skies and hard frozen marshes, the Russian Troops attack Ukraine. At first they make quick progress, but as they encounter ever thickening and ferocious resistance, both from military and from civilians, they pause, ponder, and some even back up a bit…


And then, after a short pause in which various of the absurd but important legal and world stage papers get signed and suddenly Russia announces that

  1. they surrender.
  2. really, no kidding, we surrender

And then a peace is negotiated in which
–Putin and 12 of his henchmen get protected status living with the loot in Bahrain
–Russia applies for emergency assistance from world banking because of cascading multiple bankruptcies, with the entirety of Russian petroleum holdings in play
–Putin’s chef, recovering from surgery of some sort, asks for a copy of that long forgotten book, The Mouse that Roared, during his convalescence…

David fb


You sure you were not frightened by Peter Sellers? That plot sounds more like “The Mouse That Roared”, than bunny rabbits.


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