OT: For those who miss interest payments

While some internet banks have begun to pay a bit of interest, move brick and mortar banks still pay sawdust. On the other hand, some Vanguard and Fidelity money market funds are now paying 2% APR and they sell six month treasury bills paying 3%. Be aware that your “settlement account” may pay substantially less at Vanguard.



I recently got a “certificate Specials” at a local credit union for a ‘17 month 2.78% apy’.
A CD at my bank had matured and they could not match it so went with the credit union.

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FWIW: I set up at Ally in 2020.
Easy interface between accounts. Transfers take no longer than anywhere else. 1.6% Money Market, 2.5% CDs. They still allow paper checks & statements, no charge. FDIC.

I use it as a conduit between brokerage and the day to day checking account. Worthwhile as a holding for next month’s money or the like.

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