OT: For those who watch Asia

Vaak is only in its second phase of financing (first round came from Softbank, a company I have owned for a few years which has become a valuable part of my Japanese portfolio) but I think bears watching for those who keep an eye on Japanese companies.

It’s gig is using advanced AI evaluation of perp’s motions caught on surveillance camera to flag who will be likely shoplifters. Considering “shrinkage” accounts for 2% of the cost of goods sold in a typical retail environment, this is a big deal. Their product is called Vaak Eye, and if the proof of concept is scalable, this company’s growth should be in line with what we chat about here…



I know it’s a “future” and geographically displaced, but for guys like Ant and GrowthMonkey, might be worth following.

(Apologies, in advance, to the rest who are US-centric)



Minority report

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