OT: Harvard CS 50

There was some interest when I
mentioned this buried in another thread.

There are many ways to learn programming.

Khan Academy (free)

Python for Informatics a free ebook, available in several formats. The Apple format has videos.

Harvard CS50 (free)

While all three or good, I have found the the Harvard course has the very best production and is the most challenging. (I have yet to complete it.)

Here is the spill from the website.

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

An introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming.

Enroll Now, CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

Effort: 9 problem sets (10 to 20 hours each), 1 final project
Price: FREE
Add a Verified Certificate for $90 USD
Institution: HarvardX
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Introductory
Languages: English
Video Transcripts: English

Here is the link. It should work. Note: It appears they have added some related specialty courses. This is the general course I recommend.


Qazulight (If more than a few get started, maybe I will set aside some other things and restart mine.)


There must be something free at MIT, too.

There are courses from MIT on eDX. I have not taken one. If I ever finish AP calculus on Khan Academy I might try a probabablity course. MIT would be a good start.

I have been told that the fundamentals of data science are probabablity and programming.

The fundamentals of those can be had by taking cs50 and probability from MIT.

I believe that to really get anything out of the probability course, I need calculus. As far as I am concerned, Khan Academy is the first stop for fundamental math.