OT - I miss Anirban!!

I certainly hope the rest of Fooldom is being enriched with Anirban getting the TMF in front of his tag (TMFgoLong).

I know I for one certainly miss his posts.
(Working to add the POTD to the spreadsheet reminds me just how many POTD he had received.)



Hi FrickNFool,

Thanks for the kind words.

I have not been able to post as much of late. Pro AU has been pretty hectic. But I do hope to share my thoughts whenever I can get a little more organised :slight_smile:

I still visit Saul’s board regularly, and try to quickly read through the posts. Some of my favourite Fools post here and there’s a lot of Foolish commentary on this board. I also visit Stock Advisor’s Options board.

I hope everyone is doing okay here with the recent market pull back. I for one have had a pretty bumpy ride, not because of what I hold but because of my leveraged written puts. It was a good reminder leverage can quickly negative all the gains when the market gets choppy. The good news is that market pullback gives us the opportunity to buy good companies at cheaper prices.

More later and thank you once again.