Thank you Anirban!


Your transparency in sharing your positions has been to the great benefit of us all. The subsequent discussions have been wonderful for the rest of us to learn from as well. Our investor IQs have been raised.

We all have investment blind spots and I certainly can identify with some of the reasons you have kept obvious losers when other much more attractive stocks can be bought.

I also appreciate your thorough and compelling DD as you analyze companies for us all to consider.

You are definitely a rising star on this investment board I thank you for being willing to share so much of your time and hard work with so many.



Wow Jim, thank you for the kind words!

I am learning everday and this board gives me much to chew and think about. Over time, one finds people they can learn from, and this board is full of smart investors. Saul, John (Jsergeant), Vish (iVish) [I haven’t seen him visit this board yet], Anurag, Chris, and many others regularly try to help people of the board. I am greatful to all who share their thoughts and experiences. This motley thinking makes the TMF community great!