OT: If you think you have nothing...

… try moving to another residence.

You’ll be amazed at how much you have.


… try moving to another residence.
You’ll be amazed at how much you have.

Did this three years ago just moving 13 doors down the same street.

Filled a dumpster in the driveway to the rim.

Took about 50 trips in our fully loaded van.

Gave away a half a garage full to neighbors and others.

Hired a moving company for the big stuff.

Still have boxes at the new place that haven’t been opened. (Found 3 in the attic at the old place that hadn’t been opened after 25 years.)

Yeah, and not even a candidate for a hoarder TV show. Amazing how much “stuff” we accumulate.


Ahh, you wouldn’t believe after nearly 40 years in WeCo Installation, a tool loving hobby, a flea market regular (until Covid), and a collector of Apple stuff, interesting bits and pieces and then all these tools, wood, metal, a couple welders, and then all the tool… Lathe, bandsaw, compressors, table saw, jointers, planers, and even more tools…

No way I’ll move… We were relying one day on our DD eBaying a lot of it, but now she’s left us, DS is too busy working, GK’s uninterested, working, college…

It is a problem… Of course I built a nice shop, and it’ in overload, too… But I can fix nearly anything, make stuff, but at my age (80) that is slowing down, call in a trusted contractor to do stuff I used to do…

That old clock is ticking, and so far, so am I !!

Onward! weco



That is a weak argument for supply side economics. It means not growing the real GDP very fast, totally foolish. It will save you a buck and cost you ten.

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… try moving to another residence.

You’ll be amazed at how much you have.

LOL. We have moved many times courtesy of our employers who packed and loaded/unloaded. We have moved twice on our own steam in the past 5 years, and are doing it again in the spring. This time, we are moving our primary residence into an already decently full vacation home, closing it up and taking off traveling here there and wherever until we find a place we want to settle in “forever,” at which point we will likely sell our vacation home and move all of our stuff one more time.

This time around I actually got DH to consider ditching the contents of the boxes he moved into my house 30 years ago and never opened since then. Sadly that did not result in ditching much. I have made some decent progress, but we will be going from 4 kitchens to ? I love my kitchen tools.

I suspect we will have to figure it out after we buy the place we are moving too. In the meantime, we will have fun looking. BenSolar, our first stop is your way!



One of the benefits of moving is getting rid of junk.

Sell it
Donate it
Recycle it
Trash it

The Captain
is wondering how to deal with the Caracas residence