OT?: Magnificent Deep Reporting: Malcolm Gladwell

I genuinely find many of his Podcasts among the most long term deep METAR relevant pieces I know – deep knowledge and deep double look inspections.

Here he does surgery without anesthetics on the heart division between Rock and Country, and

and here he shows how little we know about our own constitution and the huge implications that likel holds for current events (guns, gerrymanders, and more)

Most of his work is crafted so well that I almost do not care about the content, but the content is vital and powerful and has already affected my investments.

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I finally figured out how Nassim Nicholas Taleb speculated in options in an interview by Malcolm Gladwell. I guess Gladwell also ‘affected my investments.’

The Captain

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Glad to hear! And I used your relevatory post to wendy on options to be set up myself if I go that way in the gfuture.

MF magic of sharing still works!