Zeihan in Unusually Deep interview, esp, re. WAR

Interviewed on oddball “alternative channel for investors” that never had him before, and he gives forth in a much more expansive and interesting way than I have seen from him in a long long time.

Fascinating to me to see the intelligent but young interviewer have her mind blown about what the stakes really are, and have the icily dawning realization that current reality is not a video game where you can just hit reset.

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(stuck in careful rest mode with what I think is a GD shingles attack that more evolving immune system is fighting successfully but still without victory, and so scanning a lot more of modern crap media than is my habit)


A lot of interesting macro I have not heard him talk about anywhere else/.

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The powers that be need to be careful with Biden. He waits quietly. Yeah, Biden does not present ideas well to the US public. Instead, he wins battles in the rear.

If SA were to cut production we can take the oil fields with a few thousand Marines. We know from Obama’s time not to take the cities. The oil supply would not be interrupted. Not for more than two weeks. We won’t have patience with the Saudis. This goes unsaid as a background issue.


Demographics in the US that is why demand-side econ is so important. We need the consumer. S/he has to be paid. In paying the consumer the birthrate will rise.


So, you’re advocating that we would go to war with the Saudi for resources we have in spades?

Leap, of all the truly interesting topics Zeihan touched on your picked one of the most peripheral and weird.

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You don’t want Saudi oil???

:rofl: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue:

Not serious

I read some paperback in the 1970s about WW III. The Saudi oil fields are important.

Yes, they are! Damnit!

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