OT: Modern Perception Catastrophe?

Is civilization going nuts? How, why, and what can an individual or a culture do to remediate? This old fashion but crisply done lecture dives deep into the why. Basically, has modernity become colonized by the limited perspectives of only one side of our brains?

I start you at the point in the lecture where he gets down to brass tacks. If you want the politenesses and warming ups go to the beginning.

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Beautiful and brilliant. Cultivate awe and wonder, humility and compassion, and begin to know how little we truly know.

Thank you.

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licensing issues make it so you may have to copy the url and stick it in a youtube friendly app or program.

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As the “news” tonight carried the mass shooting at a parade in KC, and a fist fight on an airliner, I will maintain that, yes, most people are nuts: driven mad by the constant promotion of hysteria by the media and “thought leaders”. There was a bit about the use of the “terrorism threat level”, to keep people on edge, in “Fahrenheit 9/11”. The media, and “thought leaders”, have spread that MO out to keep people “alarmed”, and “shocked”, constantly. Of course people are losing their minds.



This is quite brilliant

I think he is wrong that things are increasingly worse. This is who we are. We aim to sort it. We never finish sorting it.

In 1998 I read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. One takeaway is the desperation in later years that the phone and people won’t stop making demands. He is discussing that insight without his relief from the insight that desperation sets in unless a good laugh about it is resolved.

He is assuming the “willing blindness” of other people. There is no vagin*l birth without pain. We are constantly moving forward to another birth.

The thing he fails to assume is the left and right can understand each other. As if two pieces become fitted parts. For the right hemisphere, two thoughts become human.

In society pressure becomes creativity. More will work out than he commits to in his words.