OT: Mostly unknow GREAT WWII Admiral, a real gun nut!

Admiral Willis Lee was a mostly hidden ferocious reformer and worker ant, almost blind from youthful shooting mishap, but nevertheless promoted as Annapolis classmates and others cheated for him.

I had heard of this guy long ago from my Uncle, a flyboy engineer admiral who deeply admired and sought to emulate Admiral Lee.

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He was only 57 when he died. Very young.

1888 to 1945

Great man

Another Drac follower!

I missed an opportunity to meet up with him. I had not looked at the itinerary for his US trip this year, so missed that he would visit the sub and LST in Muskegon. I visited both a few years ago, but would have driven to Muskegon to say “hi” to Drac.

I commented on his channel that I missed the opportunity, He replied he will be visiting Cod (in Cleveland) some day. Cleveland is about the same distance from my home as Muskegon, so I’ll have a second chance.


Quite an interesting video. Lee is the kind of guy you hope is on the job when trouble arises. I loved the part that he preferred the Washington because the ready room was also the radar room.

Yes! xlnt choices of topic, well written, and wonderfully deeply researched.

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