OT my land line works fine

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Enjoy it while you can. AT&T is gradually switching its network to fiber. That means VOIP for “landline.” Power outage means no phone service.

And its only a matter of time before they switch to all 5G–everything from a cell phone tower rather than wires to every home.

Your land line days are numbered.


I wish they would hurry up with that, my tower company investments have been terrible for years…

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4G will still be needed. 5G does NOT do well inside buildings or where there is a significant amount of blockage by natural items (trees, bushes, whatever) 5G can not penetrate.

Primarily because Sprint and T-Mobile merged and thus one less renter of tower space. That extra space will eventually be used by the remaining carriers. Until then, I’m enjoying the dividends and buying shares at a discount.


True, but 5G requires higher density of towers, or at least mounting points for the cells.

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I have U-Verse, ie VOIP now, hardwired, with a backup battery. If I thought the power would be off a long time, I can simply unplug the battery, rather than run it down keeping the gateway running, for the benefit of the telemarketers. I received my AT&T bill yesterday. Total voice minutes allowed 250. Voice minutes used: 0.


Thanks, Steve. Battery back up sounds like a good idea.

Today we are hearing from many with no land line. But VOIP does depend on survival of the internet and all of its amplifiers. Cell tower often has battery backup or diesel generator.

This all becomes very important if you have a major disaster that interferes with communication. In St. Louis we worry about the big earthquake from the New Madrid fault that redirected the Mississippi River in 1807 or so. The earth shook for 40 minutes and was followed by days of aftershocks.

St. Louis City and County are surrounded by rivers on three sides. If all bridges are down there one road out of the area. Imagine is blocked by a solid line of traffic moving 20 mph with cars running out of gas.

Imagine credit cards and ATMs not working. Imagine paying cash to fill your gas tank if there’s a generator to run the pumps. Imagine what you do if internet and cell towers are down. In an emergency you drive to the closest police or fire station. They should have reliable radio communications. Wait in line to be helped?

We discussed this in a Roundtable session. Someone suggested in places like Japan it is common to pack a suitcase with cash and meds etc so you can evacuate and survive.

Most Americans are complete air heads on this subject. Even emergency responders seem not to know if we have an emergency plan.

This is a wake up call. People should be aware.

Some years ago, I was driving from Angola, Indiana, to Shipshewana, Indiana. Partway there, I noticed there were no electrical or telephone wires strung along the side of the highway. The a farm field came into view, with a team of, probably, half a dozen horses pulling a multiple plow.


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In the Hollywood Hills (where the “Hollywood Sign” is) everyone but the insane ignorant too-rich-for-words drug-addled always has one exit tough suitcase of what the Japanese have,“emergency clothing”, copies of crux papers and photos, and now often a digital stick of similar, various physical keys not used daily but essential, and more… And a second bag ready and planned out for how to quick pack it with pre-selected and listed items around the house.

A terrifying chaparral fire is coming, a big earthquake just struck, or an election result has brought on hell? You grab your bags and GO. (Where you go is another important topic) Just doing this is highly educational for most people new to Southen California. Good neighbors bring this conversation to newcomers along with a plate of gluten free cookies or whatever to welcome them to the neighborhood.

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