OT or Jobs?

I am happy to say that Youngest is finally in possession of a great job offer that he is beyond excited about, if only a soft verbal offer at this point until HR catches up with an official written offer. While he needs to wait for that written offer to give 2 weeks notice and sign up for a rental, I did not want to wait to thank all of you who replied wrt his situation in this thread: https://discussion.fool.com/economy-needs-people-to-39unretire39…

I discussed all of your replies with him, even the more discouraging ones as I do not believe in dismissing things I do not want to hear, and it had the result of giving him more backbone and determination, which had been waning over the months. It was beyond helpful for him to hear from those of you actually in the Environmental careers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Congratulations! Wishing your son the very best.

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Congrats to him.


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