OT: Price and Volume

Price and Volume are truth. Or so say some wise old investors.

Symbol	Company Name	Price	Price Chg.	Price % Chg.	Volume (000)	Volume % Chg.
ABMD	Abiomed Inc	$85.67	-0.87	-1.01%	274,200	        -61%
AMBA	Ambarella Inc	$56.59	-0.26	-0.46%	1,723,300	-26%
AMZN	[Amazon.com](http://Amazon.com) Inc	$670.65	-5.12	-0.76%	3,629,200	-18%
CASY	Caseys   	$124.30	-0.20	-0.16%	438,300	        23%
DY	Dycom Inds Inc	$79.29	-2.91	-3.54%	543,900	        -26%
HAWK	Blackhawk 	$46.95	-0.38	-0.80%	316,800	        -43%
INBK	First Internet 	$29.10	-0.77	-2.58%	19,500	         49%
INFN	Infinera Corp	$18.01	-0.55	-2.96%	4,137,500	95%
PAYC	Paycom Software	$37.91	-0.74	-1.91%	255,300	        -72%
PRAA	P R A Group Inc	$37.10	-1.83	-4.70%	602,300	        -35%
SEDG	Solaredge 	$26.08	0.33	1.28%	3,766,300	309%
SKX	Skechers 	$30.23	-0.44	-1.43%	2,032,900	-59%
SNCR	Synchronoss 	$36.14	-1.30	-3.47%	416,900	        -4%
SWKS	Skyworks 	$77.80	-1.17	-1.48%	2,264,400	-42%
WAB	Wabtec Corp	$70.32	-0.83	-1.17%	919,000	        -34%

When stocks go down, you want it to be on lower volume, when they go up you want it on higher volume. Those are the two conditions that matter.

so what did we see today?
Only SEDG was up and it was up on a 309% increase in volume. But that must be above the avg daily because yesterday was huge volume too and today was just a bit higher than yesterday.

Most of others were down, but on much lower volume, except…
INBK, INFN and CASY which were done on increased volume of 49, 95,23% respectively.

So a lot of our stocks sold off, but the last three mentioned saw much bigger volume so merit more attention. It is just one day, but maybe add this tiny bit of info to your list. I still really like INFN and am not sure why people are bailing, but I won’t add too much more until down volume tapers a bit. I did nibble the other day, but that is down at this point

blah, blah, blah.



thanks for this, I found it helpful. I have heard, and have been interested, in seeing share price +/- in relation to volume +/-, but have never put forth the effort to correlate the two.

Was it difficult? And do you mind giving some pointers on where you looked for this info?

The other thing I wonder about is short interest +/-, and where to find that information.

My thought process is that if the price declines on high volume, and short interest increases dramatically, the market ‘emotions’ or momentum could be turning quickly.

The other thing that stood out to me, basically a ‘how does the stock market work’ kind of question is related to PAYC. Down almost 2% on low volume or DY down 3.5% on low/average volume. Why does a price move that way? Of the 255k shares traded for PAYC were most of them ‘sells’, just not a lot of trades happening especially buyers? And for DY, closer to average trades and a bigger % drop, so even more sellers? At least thats how it makes sense in my head, but this chart helps visualize that movement.

glad to see SEDG pop in a good way.

Of the 255k shares traded for PAYC were most of them ‘sells’, just not a lot of trades happening especially buyers?

By definition, if a trade happens, there is both a buyer and a seller. If there are not very many buyers wanting at the current price, but a lot of sellers who are willing to accept whatever, then the price goes down, but whatever happens, there is always a buyer who thinks it is a reasonable purchase at the price.