OT rant: is AT&T trying to push people off of U-Verse?

The cost for my U-Verse internet and landline voice service has about doubled, over the last 10 years.

But the rate of increase is escalating.

In January 22, my bill was $92.23

In January 23, they increased the data allowance from 1024GB, of which I only used a small fraction, to 1536GB, while holding voice allowance to 250 minutes. The bill was $98.42.

Over the course of 2023, they have been escalating the price by two or three dollars every two or three months.

My January 2024 bill, for using 63GB of the 1536GB data allowance, and 3
minutes of the 250 minute voice allowance is $115.42

That is a 17% increase, in one year.


I will not go back to Comcrap. Those goniffs tried to outright steal several hundred dollars from me, for services never delivered, for equipment never requested or delivered.


Hasn’t AT&T always been like that. They tell you whatever they need to to get your business. That includes lies not telling about extra charges.

No matter what they say they find an excuse to raise prices.

They don’t have a single customer paying the quoted price. There are always extras.

Signing with AT&T usually means the hassles of signing with someone else in a few years.

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I have not requested a single change in my service, since I switched from POTS voice and DSL data, which reduced my cost significantly, a decade ago. They just keep escalating the price. Walking into an AT&T store, I get the attitude “we don’t do customer service, we are only here to take your money”. But Comcast is worse.

Mosied in to Tim’s for lunch today. Ordered the turkey club lunch deal: sandwich on a croissant, chips, and pop. Menu price says $9.99. She charged me an extra 50 cents for the croissant. Told her I don’t understand. She said they always charge extra for the bread: 50 cents for a croissant, 75 cents for the “artisan” bread. I still don’t understand. The menu board, with a picture of what you get, including the croissant, says $9.99. No mention of a surcharge for the bread shown in the picture.

Shiny business practices: take people’s money, period.



And now they often charge extra for use of a card. And ask for a tip even for counter service.

The NERVE!!!


DD years ago used to charge for butter if you ordered a bagel. That was it for me. I went to SB. Better decaf and no-nonsense nickel and diming after the budget for a snack is set in my mind.

I have AT&T cell service via Consumer Cellular. -0- problems < G >.

You guys think you are getting ripped off you should try Comcast/Xfinity. Not only do they constantly raise prices but they are up and down, up and down, unplug this, count to 10, unplug that count to 20, stand on you head and stack BB’s, reboot this, reboot that. After all these years they have gone from like $20 something a month to well over $200 per month.

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I wonder if a T-Mobile hotspot plan would work for you @steve203 I think I’ve mentioned this before.

For such a low-usage person like yourself, $90+ per month for internet service is a ripoff. An extreme ripoff, and I can’t believe you would allow it to go on for so long.

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My bill is for two services. Looking at last month’s bill, which totaled $111.50: $61 is for internet, and $50.50 is for the voice line, with all it’s attached fees and taxes.


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That’s even worse. For someone who rarely uses the voice line that’s an extreme ripoff. You can get yourself cheap internet service (if you use under 1.5GB/mo, you clearly don’t need unlimited), and you can transfer your existing land line number to a free, or nearly free, Google voice line. We’ve been though this discussion a few times already. I may be old, but I’m not stupid (yet, at least), and I finally convinced my dad (over 80) to transfer his Vonage (OG VOIP) line to Google Voice instead. Considering that home voice lines are so rarely used nowadays, because nearly everyone has a cellphone, it’s absurd to pay 50 bucks a month for it.


Maybe Steve like’s talking to robocaller’s?


I don’t have unlimited. I have 1.5G service, “upgraded” by AT&T from 1G, without my request or approval, of the slowest data rate they offer, iirc 3meg.

I pulled up Google Voice’s web site. First menu said to select iOS, Android, or web. I don’t have a cell, so I selected “web”. The next page said Look for available numbers by city or area code. You must have an existing US-based mobile phone number to qualify. I don’t have a cell, so, apparently, I don’t qualify for Google Voice.

I don’t have a cell phone. The land line is the only voice service I have.


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When I get home, I glance at the display on the answering machine. If it shows there is a message, I listen long enough to determine it’s a nusance call and push the “delete” button. I have the ringers on the phones turned off and generally ignore the things.


That’s fine, but I’m talking $$$, not wired versus wireless or old versus new or anything else. Solely value for your dollar. If you’re paying $50 a month for a wired line while you could be paying much less for a wireless line, you are being ripped off. Especially if you hardly use it in the first place. Want to get the google voice line? Buy a cheap cellphone+plan and use that number to validate the google voice number.

Some of them are under $10 a month, and even the better known names, like Mint, are as low as $15 a month. There’s even services (Tracphone?) where you buy a chunk of prepaid voice minutes and can easily keep the number active by simply adding some minutes each year (can choose minimum package of new minutes each year). We’ve discussed it here many times, I think @WendyBG uses Tracfone IIRC.


Yes, that’s right. I have a rather basic Samsung Galaxy Sky smart phone. I bought 2 years of air time for $180 (iirc). This included 400 minutes of voice, plus texts and data. I don’t talk much on this phone but I have used the texts and also the data has been important for driving directions over Waze.


I looked at Mint’s web site. As best I can tell, that $15 is a bait rate, half of their normal rate. Then you need to pay for the phone on top of that. Their cheapest phone is $44/month. So now, Mint costs $59/month, plus whatever taxes and fees might be added on.

My landline is $36/mo, as of last month’s $111.50 combined bill, plus assorted taxes and fees, that bump the price to $50.50.

For the halibut, I checked both Verizon and T-Mobile for 5G combined voice and data. Not available in my area.

Checked AT&T fibre. Not available in my area.

AT&T has 5G data in my area, but I can’t get the dumb web site to show a combined voice/data service, plan. 5G data alone is $60/mo, which is more than I’m paying now.

Steve…realizes AT&T knows exactly what it’s doing with it’s pricing, charging the very most the market will bear.

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I didn’t have a cell phone until the landline cost was basically the same price as Comcast VOIP service–which I did not want. And that landline price did NOT include long-distance service, which doubled the price (to $90+). I basically told them to take a flying < bleep > at a rolling donut and switched to a cell phone. Free long distance !!

I have a Consumer Cellular plan, which is used (and recommended) by a friend. $20/month (plus taxes/fees) for one line with 5GB data plan. Buy a cell phone you like and save your $$$. I have two phones/lines w/5G service if I want it (phones need to be 5G phones = more $$$ to buy). I got 4G cell phones because I don’t need 5G for anything. Unlimited calls/texts. $46-$49 all-inclusive. Two phones (family plan = shared minutes), so if one phone goes < poof!! > (dead battery, electronics die, etc), I still have a working phone. Also means it is easy to see if there is something wrong with the other phone/number. Hard to get tech support with a non-working phone–and that is your ONLY phone…

I also have Comcast/Xfinity Internet, but that is not my choice. It is the ONLY choice. Mgmt refuses to allow fiber in the building–even when the ISP offers to wire the entire bldg for FREE. Supposedly 5G here, but I can’t get T-Mobile 4G LTE signal (tried years ago). T-Mobile = “no signal” while AT&T 4G LTE got an immediate clear and solid connection. So I have AT&T service and have had minimal problems.

Your price for Internet is the same as mine.

OMG, did you buy your last landline phone from AT&T for $200 or did you buy it from Radio Shack on sale for $18.99?

I think you’ve completely missed the point. You can buy the cheapest phone from Tracfone for 10 bucks, then you can buy a 365 day refill card from them for another $100 (and if you wait and look, they go on sale periodically for less). And then each year, you can buy a refill card to keep the number alive.

I went to the tracfone website for you to find the cheapest possible phone -

Then you can transfer your existing number to the tracfone account or you can choose to get a new number.

I figure under 10 bucks a month first year, and much less for second year and very likely thereafter (though Verizon bought tracfone, so they may jack rates up somewhat, can’t let people get too good a deal for too long).


I previously had AT&T POTS plus DSL, until U-Verse was cheaper. Then I switched. Only beef I have with U-Verse is the rate of price escalation.

I figure AT&T is probably following Comcast. I don’t know, but suspect, Comcast is escalating prices to try and offset their revenue losses from the people who are dropping their conventional cable TV service.


The one I bought new is indeed an AT&T, with auto-dialer and speakerphone, bought 30 years ago for $20-something. I have a forty year old Radio Shack phone with autodialer, that I got for cheap off eBay, the purchase forced by the switch to U-Verse, which requires DTMF dialing.

Realistically, a Nokia from Tracphone is $50. Not bad, if the price is a one and done. What is the sound quality on hyper cheap phones? The salesmen at one of the brokerages I use keeps calling me trying to sell me “services”…I think. He sounds like he is talking with a pillow stuffed in his mouth, like the adults on a “Peanuts” cartoon. Of course, I’m listening to the message on my answering machine, because I wouldn’t bother answering a call from him, even if I heard him on the machine as he left the message. Tho, if I did talk to him, I would mention that, as he is trying to sell stuff to people, it might be a good idea to have a decent phone so people can make out what he is saying. How does my 40 year old Radio Shack phone sound, over U-Verse, when I’m talking to someone else on a wired phone? Remember the old Sprint “pin drop” ads? Like that. Crystal clear.