OT: Some metrics on my current portfolio for heckling

As I am far from a financial professional and decided a long time ago that I could have both fun and make money by playing with stocks, my portfolio generally consists of a hodgepodge of the good, bad and ugly as themes merge and diverge through my head and time (see my avatar :slight_smile: ). The stocks change over time and are obviously assembled by a fool - so anyone who follows, assuming incorrectly that this is advice, is on their own.

As some are aware, I rarely utilize mutual funds to structure my portfolio, but I do occasionally use ETF’s to simplify specific sector purchases. I would also point out that this is strictly the equity portion of my assets and therefore takin out of context.

The positions are not all winners, and this time around, while tempted to dump the lot before I left the country in January 2021 (which would have been pretty cool and mimicked my good fortune in the past), I figure I’ve been through enough cycles to patiently wait for things to revert. Over the past year, there have been periods when it has lost up to about 10% of its value, but is currently about 5% beneath its max. As many of the shares are involved in DRIP’s (either automatic or manual), its current unrealized profit (of about 16% overall) is not worth the effort of doing the math to chart each position of an historical basis as its a case of "what have you done recently to please me?

A couple of the themes I am placing piles of chips on include

Electrical equipment manufacturers/engineers because of my belief that they will benefit from both the world’s obsession with EV’s (and the requirement of reenforcing the electrical infrastructure which will be required as well as the more current destruction during the war in Ukraine requiring more of the same.

Miners because of my belief that China is on the road towards healing their self-inflicted COVID challenges as well as natural resources being a good store of intrinsic value during inflationary periods.

I am also of the belief that both Africa and Latin America have potential beyond what the market is valuing them at.

I feel that banks as well as companies such as Berkshire Hathaway have the ability to manipulate their holdings in order make money during times of inflation and to avoid catastrophe (this time, at least) during even moderate recessions.

As derivatives of various types so far outstrip the intrinsic valuation of our economy, I feel it is prudent to hedge with both foreign stocks as well as foreign currency investments.

The overall dividend yield is about 3.15% and there are about 100 positions.

Anyhow, the following is an attempt to explain the multidimensional nature of what my investment portfolio looks like:

|Consumer Staples|11.83%|
|International ETF|4.03%|

Currency Breakdown:
US: 80%
Swiss CHF: 10%
Australian AUD: 9.5%
Japanese Yen .5%

Breakdown by equity nationality:
|United States|46.76%|
|South America|1.48%|
|South Africa|0.90%|
|Int ETF|2.55%|

By Continent:
|North America|54.05%|
|South America|2.36%|
|Misc. Int. ETF’s|2.55%|

Top 10 positions make up 44.25% and the top 5 positions 36% of portfolio:

|RIO.AX|Rio Tinto Fpo|Australia|9.28%||
|BRK-a, b |Berkshire Hathaway Inc.||9.61%||
|NESN.sw|Nestle N|Switzerland|9.15%||
|BHP|Bhp Group Limited|Australia/UK|5.01%||
|DHR|Danaher Corporation||2.93%||
|GOOGL|Alphabet Inc.||1.89%||
|VWO|Vanguard Ftse Emerging Markets |Asia*|1.70%||
|ENPH|Enphase Energy, Inc.||1.61%||
|OMRNY|Omron Corp Spons Adr(Cnv 1 Ord)|Japan|1.53%||
|EMR|Emerson Electric Company||1.53%|44.25%|

The entire portfolio in the order I look at them (by nation in some cases and by sector in others):

Symbol, Name, Nation, % of portfolio

|RIO.AX|Rio Tinto Fpo|Australia|9.28%|
|NCM.AX|Newcrest Fpo|Australia|0.07%|
|NESN.sw|Nestle N|Switzerland|9.15%|
|ABBN.sw|Abb Ltd N|Switzerland|0.66%|
|ABBN.sw|Abb Ltd N|Switzerland|0.03%|
|VTRIX|Vanguard International Value Fund||0.82%|
|VCSH|Vanguard Short-Term Corporate B||0.03%|
|NEM|Newmont Corporation||1.01%|
|GOLD|Barrick Gold Corporation|Canada|0.46%|
|WPM|Wheaton Precious Metals Corp||0.60%|
|BHP|Bhp Group Limited|Australia/UK|5.01%|
|VALE|Vale S.A.|Australia/UK|0.87%|
|EZA|Ishares Msci South Africa Index|South Africa|0.89%|
|VAW|Vanguard Materials Etf||0.74%|
|WY|Weyerhaeuser Company||0.70%|
|VDE|Vanguard Energy Etf||1.27%|
|WDS|Woodside Energy Group Limited|Australia|0.69%|
|ENB|Enbridge Inc|Canada|0.62%|
|PBA|Pembina Pipeline Corp.|Canada|0.00%|
|TRP|Tc Energy Corporation|Canada|0.67%|
|LUKOY|Oil Company Lukoil Pjsc Spon Ad|Belgium|0.05%|
|HAL|Halliburton Company|Belgium|0.74%|
|SLB|Schlumberger N.V.|Belgium|1.02%|
|GOGL|Golden Ocean Group Limited|Bermuda|0.90%|
|NMM|Navios Maritime Partners Lp|Bermuda|0.48%|
|GSL|Global Ship Lease Inc New|Bermuda|0.36%|
|EURN|Euronav Nv|Bermuda|1.18%|
|FLNG|Flex Lng Ltd.|Bermuda|1.19%|
|SBLK|Star Bulk Carriers Corp.|Bermuda|0.75%|
|FDX|Fedex Corporation|US|0.87%|
|AY|Atlantica Sustainable Infrastru|UK|0.42%|
|PHG|Koninklijke Philips N.V. Ny Reg|Netherlands|0.30%|
|PHG|Koninklijke Philips N.V. Ny Reg|Netherlands|0.29%|
|SIEGY|Siemens Ag Spon Adr Each Rep 0.|Germany|0.71%|
|SBGSY|Schneider Electric Se Unspon Ad|France|0.32%|
|EMR|Emerson Electric Company||1.53%|
|ETN|Eaton Corporation, Plc||0.67%|
|ENPH|Enphase Energy, Inc.||1.61%|
|ROK|Rockwell Automation, Inc.||0.55%|
|HUBB|Hubbell Inc||1.31%|
|HON|Honeywell International Inc.||0.55%|
|JCI|Johnson Controls International ||0.47%|
|TEL|Te Connectivity Ltd. New Switze||0.50%|
|APH|Amphenol Corporation||0.57%|
|BRK-a&b|Berkshire Hathaway Inc.||9.61%|
|GS|Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The)|Canada|0.91%|
|C|Citigroup, Inc.|Canada|0.92%|
|BNS|Bank Nova Scotia Halifax Pfd 3|Canada|1.22%|
|WEBNF|Westpac Banking Corporation|Australia|0.33%|
|FNCL|Fidelity Msci Financials Index |Australia|0.79%|
|SAN|Banco Santander, S.A. Sponsored|Spain|0.90%|
|BSAC|Banco Santander - Chile|Spain|0.74%|
|LSI|Life Storage, Inc.||0.54%|
|PK|Park Hotels & Resorts Inc.||0.25%|
|GSK|Gsk Plc|UK|0.64%|
|GILD|Gilead Sciences, Inc.||0.01%|
|ABT|Abbott Laboratories||0.79%|
|PFE|Pfizer, Inc.||1.38%|
|MRNA|Moderna, Inc.||1.37%|
|MDT|Medtronic Plc.|Switzerland|0.71%|
|CRSP|Crispr Therapeutics Ag|Switzerland|0.38%|
|RHHBY|Roche Holdings Ag Spn Adr Each |Switzerland|0.43%|
|GOOG|Alphabet Inc.||0.47%|
|GOOGL|Alphabet Inc.||1.89%|
|AMZN|Amazon.Com, Inc.||0.55%|
|MSFT|Microsoft Corporation||0.64%|
|DDOG|Datadog, Inc.||0.55%|
|META|Meta Platforms, Inc.||0.59%|
|CSCO|Cisco Systems, Inc.||0.99%|
|INTC|Intel Corporation||0.29%|
|NVDA|Nvidia Corporation||0.89%|
|QCOM|Qualcomm Incorporated||0.50%|
|TSM|Taiwan Semiconductor Manufactur||0.40%|
|QQQE|Direxion Nasdaq-100 Equal Weigh||0.81%|
|DHR|Danaher Corporation||2.93%|
|FTV|Fortive Corporation||0.68%|
|NVST|Envista Holdings Corporation||1.00%|
|VNT|Vontier Corporation||0.05%|
|KMX|Carmax Inc||0.50%|
|DOW|Dow Inc.||0.54%|
|COST|Costco Wholesale Corporation||0.00%|
|UL|Unilever Plc|UK/France|0.86%|
|KHC|The Kraft Heinz Company|UK/France|0.83%|
|DANOY|Danone Adr-Ea Cnv Into 1/5 Eur0|France|0.54%|
|ABEV|Ambev S.A.|Brazil|0.29%|
|BUD|Anheuser-Busch Inbev Sa Sponsor||0.60%|
|SJM|J.M. Smucker Company (The) New||0.04%|
|NCLH|Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings |Bermuda|0.07%|
|VWAGY|Volkswagen Ag Unspon Ads Each R|Germany|0.27%|
|TSLA|Tesla, Inc.||0.48%|
|FANUY|Fanuc Corporation Unsp Adr Each|Japan|0.33%|
|OMRNY|Omron Corp Spons Adr(Cnv 1 Ord)|Japan|1.53%|
|9984.T|Softbank Group Corp|Japan|0.68%|
|SVNDY|Seven & I Holdings Co Ltd Unsp |Japan|0.35%|
|TCEHY|Tencent Holdings Limited Unsp A|Hong Kong|0.61%|
|BIDU|Baidu, Inc.|Hong Kong|0.59%|
|BABA|Alibaba Group Holding Limited|Hong Kong|0.68%|
|VWO|Vanguard Ftse Emerging Markets |Asia*|1.70%|
|INDA|Ishares Msci India Etf|Asia*|0.91%|
|ILF|Ishares Latin America 40 Etf|Latin America|0.55%|




Regardless it will all get better in 2024.

At around 100 separate positions, one must ask - can you really keep up with all of these companies and funds? Just checking in on significant news about your portfolio holdings has to be at least a half-time job, if not more.

Might life be simpler with 5-10 mutual funds (or ETFs) and give you about the same result?

Assuming you are no longer a spring chicken, will your spouse/significant other/heirs be able to deal with this portfolio if you become unable to do so?

You did ask for a bit of kibbitzing, so I’m obliging.


PS - Do you plan on trimming Carvana from the portfolio yourself, or are you going to wait until they officially drop into BK? Just a suggestion - if you wait for the BK, you might not be able to choose when to recognize the loss (assuming you have a loss, of course, and that it’s in a taxable account rather than an IRA or similar). If trading halts, you may be stuck with it for a while, unable to sell and unable to redeploy whatever value is left. Might be better to get out while you still can.

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Carmax is in the portfolio, not Carvana - two different animals (not that it has been one of my better choices)


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Indeed. I apologize for the error.


The usual comment, 100 positions?!? Why not just buy ETFs?

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