OT? Surveillance tech tentacles spread

around the world.

A Vice report. 1 day ago.

Chinese and Israeli Surveillance tech used for population control.

Why You Should Be Worried About Chinese Surveillance | System Error

(In authoritarian countries)
there is a sense that personal privacy is a luxury…

This is a growing industry. And the lack of transparency makes it nearly impossible to regulate.

US rope sellers whose tech can be (is being?) used for surveillance include ANY that provide data aggregation, storage, mining, manipulation, analysis.
Amazon (AWS)
Microsoft (Azure)
Palantir (Gotham, Foundry)
Datadog, Monday, Snow…
Intel, Nvidia, AMD, Axon/Taser
Digital currency - all the CCs.
Cell phones, smart cars and homes.
Remember Kashogi (sp?) journalist killed by MBS Saudi thugs? Facilitated by ISRAELI rope sellers.

Pick any and all of the “cloud” technologies and companies, AI/ML, supercomputers.

Palantir has publicly stated it will only sell its rope to US and Western allies. So?
Palantir brags that it is the only company offering its level of data manipulation and analysis… in the entire world. China and Russia aren’t “secretly” working on this?
Palantir dossn’t surveil, it makes surveillance better! (Remember the Archer Daniels Midland slogan about “we don’t grow food - we make it better”?)

I hop, skip, wander along through my days rather blithely, no real worries that I’m gonna suffer some crime or abuse, let alone be targeted by “my” government.

I file my taxes as single, no spawn.
That lack of genetic connection to the future gives me a certain distance from the stressors such as authoritarian control and surveillance tech… in the post-ralph future.
I expect to live another 35 years… Will I see “desaparecidos*” in the US?
How about concentration camps ala the Uyghur Camps?


Desaparecido = Disappeared - is a term used in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Argentina, etc for people who “disappeared/vanished” without a trace.
This was usually attributed to government kidnapping and getting rid of “opposition”.