China's growing spy attacks

China’s population and economy are roughly 10 times the size of Russia’s. U.S. counterintelligence has focused mainly on Russia and international terrorist threats. They are still there, but they are dwarfed by China’s growing capabilities and strategic intent.…

**China Is Running Covert Operations That Could Seriously Overwhelm Us**
**Sept. 14, 2022, The New York Times**
**By Nigel Inkster. Mr. Inkster is a former director of operations and intelligence at Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service.**

**China has acquired global economic and diplomatic influence, enabling covert operations that extend well beyond traditional intelligence gathering, are growing in scale and threaten to overwhelm Western security agencies....**

**Barely visible on the world stage 30 years ago, China’s intelligence agencies are now powerful and well resourced. They are adept at exploiting the vulnerabilities of open societies and growing dependence on China’s economy to collect vast volumes of intelligence and data. Much of this takes place in the cyber domain...**

**China’s Intelligence Law which was enacted in 2017 required its citizens to assist intelligence agencies. ... Much of this is organized by the United Front Work Department, a party organization that seeks to co-opt well-placed members of Chinese diaspora communities — and whose scope has been expanded under Mr. Xi. China also endeavors to entice other Western citizens....**

**For China, this work is about survival. Technology and business intelligence must be acquired to keep China’s economy growing fast enough to prevent social instability. Mr. Xi has stressed the need to adopt “asymmetrical” means to catch up to the West technologically....** [end quote]

President Xi is keenly aware of critical areas that China will need to achieve leadership in the 21st century.…

– China wants to become technologically self-reliant. Mr. Xi is determined that China master its own microchips, operating systems and other core technologies. The easiest way to get cutting-edge technology is to steal it by spying.

– Controlling internet access to control political and social thought in China.

– Upgrading China’s military to meet U.S. technological advances. The details of the technological advances (in corporate and government records) are obvious targets for spying.

– Getting China’s debt bubble under control to prevent a financial crisis like 2008. This quote shows Mr. Xi’s sophisticated understanding of the danger to China. “Currently, financial risks are volatile and frequent. Although systemic financial risks are generally under control, risks are accumulating from nonperforming assets, liquidity, bond defaults, shadow banks, external shocks, a property bubble, government debt, and internet financing, and the financial markets are also in a mess. Some financial risks are longstanding, lurking sources of infection that are concealed very deep but may erupt in a flash. The United States subprime crisis erupted in a night. If we’re going to have big trouble in the future, it could well be in this area, and this demands high vigilance.”

– Controlling environmental pollution in China to avoid mass discontent.

All of the Chinese strategic concerns have Macroeconomic and national security impacts on the U.S.

It’s no wonder that China is increasing its already intense spying on the U.S.



China is much more competent at running itself than Russia was/is. We are going to have to find a way to partner with them. An adversarial relationship is fraught with danger and a non-starter.
What that will look like I haven’t a clue.

It waw said about capitalism that it had lifted more people out of poverty than any political system.

That title now belongs to the Chi-com system.