OT: Tesla Model Y - Worlds best selling car

Tesla Model Y is now the world’s best-selling car, first EV to do so | Electrek

The Tesla Model Y was the world’s best-selling car in Q1 2023, marking the first time ever that an EV has achieved this feat,


Tesla insurance and energy is in competition with BRK.

Berkshire owns car dealerships too, so Tesla is in competition that way also.

I don’t think Berkshire shareholder have anything to worry about regarding Tesla. Not until Elon declares himself POTUS for life.

Tesla does not own car dealerships.

Right, they completely bypass the dealerships, making the trad stealership business model obsolete.

Been shopping for a new car lately. I’d have thought what with charging MSRP + there’d be enough margin for them, but no, they still try all the tried and true tactics to add on carp that we don’t need.

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Does the Oracle not own BYD anymore? He did, for a long time and even before Tesla existed I think.

$3.2bn of BYD. 1% of portfolio.

Are you looking for EV or ICE/hybrid ?

Both. A hybrid for Kid 1, a new EV for us when we let Kid 2 drive our Bolt EV.

Hybrid options for Kid 1 are Kia Niro or Toyota Corolla. Both have no inventory around here. Kia did have one we could drive, Toyota did not.
GM has given up on Hybrids. Ford has effectively given up (none available, or prices are nuts).

EV options for us are Model Y, ID.4, Mach-e, Equinox (fall 2023, maybe).
Model Y is the best value. Mrs C currently refuses to drive a Tesla product.
ID. 4 seems half baked. Would prefer ID.3, but not sold in USA.
Mach-e looks good, is out classed by the Y and costs more. Ford need to step up their game.
Equinox isn’t out yet. Wonder how committed GM are to smaller EVs.

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Interesting. Seems like Elon’s tweets are impacting customer behavior in the US.

I heard Toyota Prius and Hyundai Ioniq are decent as well. Model Y is now shipping with HW4 so even a better value.

Any tweet (or other public communication) by anybody… deemed political… is going to offend a lot of people these days on either the “right” or the “left”.

Should people just keep quiet? I suppose that depends on how important the message is to the sender.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


I just bought a model 3.

I didn’t want all electric and I dislike Musk, but I decided to at least test drive one since I needed a car. Had looked at Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen, BMW, both hybrid and and electric. But I didn’t think I’d get electric because of charging issues. As soon as I got in the driver’s seat, it reminded me of a Lambo 350GT or GTV my boyfriend had when i was a kid. My favorite car of all time, with wrap around windows. I fell in love immediately. I tried the y but, the visibility and sportiness of the the 3 had already hooked me. She is affordable and is so sweet. I love this car. Who knew! I also got the Tesla Insurance because it was cheaper than my AAA that i’ve had for 30 years. I also got financing through their finance arm. Cheaper, again. Think I’ll be paying it off soon, though.

Anyway, it was a shock to my husband because I had talked down Tesla. He wanted the Y. He’ll get a Lexus RX hybrid, instead. Sometimes I have pangs because of Musk, but I do like the car. She’s perfect for getting around town and dh thinks it’s actually the right choice for us.

As for insurance competition for Berkshire, I don’t know whether Tesla insurance will be able to compete long term profit-wise, but it’s good for us for now.


Probably goes both ways. I know of some Trump-loving types who have expressed an interest in Tesla since Musk has gone hard right. None have traded in their pick-up trucks yet, though.

Well, the Cybertruck isn’t available yet … seems like the first batch will be out late this year (or probably early next year based on their track record).


Additionally Elon’s name attracts clicks and eyeballs so there are many vested interests (positive and negative).

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Model Y All wheel drive. Quite a deal after tax incentives.


Yes, getting there.

I wrote upthread: “Equinox isn’t out yet. Wonder how committed GM are to smaller EVs.”

We got that answer: they are not. Mary Barra says end of decade before GM can make a profit on a $30-$40k EV.

Mrs. C is starting to come around to a Tesla. Still wish Elon would stop tweeting stupid stuff.

Waiting for the new Tesla model that is, according to Elon, already being made. If it is, I expect it’s a variant of the Y. A cheaper Y with RWD only would suit us.

I strongly suspect that the next Tesla is the rumored “model 2”, a small sedan designed for low-cost production from the ground up. I think it is possible that on that same platform they will build a small SUV, but that isn’t a sure thing.

Then, after that, they may go for a 3-row SUV. That’s the one I really want. I have a Cybertruck on order reserve, but I don’t really need a truck, I do need something that can seat 7 occasionally, and can carry a piece of sheetrock occasionally.

The small car will likely be built in Mexico. They haven’t broken ground on the plant yet, so that’s years away.

Elon Musk teases two new EVs, says Tesla is already building one | TechCrunch

“I just want to emphasize that we are actually building a new product,” said Musk. “We are actually designing a new product. We’re not sitting on our hands here.”

Maybe he was talking about the truck, or maybe he was just being his “optimistic” self?

The silhouette they showed looks an awful lot like a Model Y.

Maybe the new product is just a small SUV?