OT? The largest organ !sm in the world resulted from unregulated capitalism

This Wired article is a book excerpt. Attribution below.

Economic links:
United Fruit (now named Chiquita)
“In 1950, its revenues were twice the gross domestic product of the entire country of Guatemala”.

From huge, extensive, contiguous fields of genetically identical banana clones.

This gave rise to the 1970s/80s SJW term “Banana Republic”.

We/humans now grow only a few crops that support 7B people.
See the effects of Russia Ukraine war on unrest in the smaller, developing nations, who depend on grains from Ukraine. They don’t want to starve due to supporting the West sanctions.
Ie. The US Midwest is no longer the " breadbasket to the world"?
And, these populations are no longer self sufficient, or independent… They are dependent on external food sources not under their control, that are susceptible to disruption.

The article ties the dependence on monoculture crops, susceptible to emerging pathogens, to the Irish Famine - Irish grew a single variety of potato, a single pathogen wiped out the potato crop, and a couple million Irish died.
This risk of world food supply dependence on a few monogenetic food crops is not a new concept.

Enough about economics.

The most interesting concept to me:
The monogenetic fields of Gros Michel banana, was the largest organ… …$izm in the world. And it was manmade.
Today, the monogenetic Cavendish banana is the largest organ… N.izm in the world.

Here’s the article:


Book attribution:
Excerpted from Never Out of Season: How Having the Food We Want When We Want It Threatens Our Food Supply and Our Future, Copyright © 2017 by Rob Dunn. Used with permission of Little, Brown and Company, New York. All rights reserved

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