OT - Think Back and Remember - Addendum

Yesterday Saul posted Think Back and Remember: https://discussion.fool.com/please-think-back-and-remember-35047…

Today, SA reported:
“Corporate America can’t stop talking about inflation either. In fact, words like “supply chains,” “logistics” and “inflation” appeared on 71% of Q4 earnings calls, up from 39.2% from the prior year.”

So far, I have not seen a single occurrence of any of the three quoted items in the transcripts of the companies I follow. True, I haven’t read many quarterly report transcripts yet. Still, I think it is indicative of just how different our SaaS companies are. There are no supply chains or logistical elements for these businesses. Inflation may be an indirect factor related to the revenues of some of them, but I would be hard pressed to explain why that might be the case.

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