OT: Welcome to NYC with open arms

As some are aware, I’ve spent the last six months dodging the COVID bullet aboard a cruise ship where about 75% of the passengers (and likely a higher percentage of the crew) caught COVID over the past few months.

When we returned to NYC, despite my cautions (saying most NY’ers -didn’t go to super-crowded events like New Year’s Eve at Times Square or the East Side fireworks display), some of the out-of-town passengers went to see the fireworks and described the crowd as “the closest they have been in their lives to a sea of people”.


Anyhow we have just been warned that the number of COVID cases (per 100K) is now the highest in the US and rising.




On the same day that NYC Department of Health is “recommending” that NY’ers where N95/KN95 high quality masks indoors and when outdoors in crowded environments, NYC Mayor Eric Adams stated that NYC’s tourist business is back to pre-pandemic levels and touted the City as a destination.

So, since there was no testing before our ship landed in NYC, I’m guessing that our fellow passengers contributed (or were infected by) the City’s COVID population.

While COVID has become endemic, there is no reason to make it easy to transmit.

Be careful out there.