NY ends COVID-alerts as infections rise

… that’s the kind of thing you’d expect to see in Texas and Florida. Perhaps ignorance and innumeracy is moving North.

New York City ends its coronavirus alert system as cases hit high levels.

New York City suddenly removed its color-coded coronavirus alert system on Thursday just as newer Omicron subvariants are fueling another rise in cases and hospitalizations.

Mayor Eric Adams and health officials quietly took down the city’s high profile alert system that warned New Yorkers when they were at a greater risk of catching the virus and should consider taking more precautions.



I am currently on a cruise ship were roughly 75% of the passengers and a substantial (but numerically unknown) portion of the crew have been infected (and confined) with COVID over the past two months.

The CDC site which warns people of COVID outbreaks aboard cruise ships is effectively fubared:


There are few news reports about COVID and most European countries (as well as the US) are rapidly moving towards the new normal:

Let those who are the dedicated unvaxxed fend for themselves

Plan for biannual booster vaccinations

Let the relatively (compared to earlier versions) Omicron infect the population as a means towards herd immunity

Commerce trumps all. The hospitality, cruise, airline and tourism industries are more financially important to many cities and countries than most people realize. Within a year, COVID will be talked about like the flu. An occasionally fatal, unpleasant disease that almost everyone gets from time to time, but is generally ignored.



The latest surge isn’t over. Wastewater viral loads for the US as a whole are just slightly lower than the recent peak and still within shouting distance of the highest pre-omicron peaks. Yet people are behaving as if the pandemic were over.

The fact that the wastewater viral loads are this high at THIS TIME OF THE YEAR is disturbing. At this time last year and the previous year, wastewater viral loads were near low points.

If it’s this bad now, how much worse will it be in January? The new updated vaccines better become available this fall, and people better get them.

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