OT: what everyone buying today?

So far I saw Brk.

Everything is on sale… but everything seems expensive…


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but everything seems expensive…

Fairfax is trading below book value. Citi bank tangential book value is around $80 and it is trading at $43.45, almost 50% of TBV. Do you think Citi will lose $40 in future?

Actually I am expecting them to earn $6, $7, $10, … This year and next year EPS are low because of statuary reserve build (don’t confuse this with non-performing loan reserves). Now, this may go up because, don’t forget banks are going to earn 4% on $2 Trillion (yeap you read that correct) on repos with Fed. Banks NII is going to increase substantially, that the raise in NII may be more than any reserve build for loan losses.

Just a couple of names, but there are lot of interesting opportunities out there. Are you really looking at the right places?


In 2004, I had the opportunity to join google. But the dotcom burst was still in my mind, so I gave up the opportunity to get rich.

Later I learned my ex college gf joined google. She is still there. Maybe richer than me now :slight_smile:

I heard they are now the number 1 “retirement” company in the valley for mid career engineers. That title used to belong to oracle. With the stock tanking like this, it’s unavoidable they will need issue more stocks option at this price to new and old employees.

Since you mention NII, anyone looking at SCHW?
They will benefit huge due to higher interest. That’s like most of their income come from.
But I never get why people keep money there. They just acquired Ameri Trade. Why won’t ameritrade ‘a customers switch to IBKR which is much better for retail traders and lower margin cost.

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Lots I’d like to buy, but not a lot of cash available.
I bought a little PETS this morning not too far off the 52 week low.
If Brk.b gets to $260, I might have to figure out a way to buy a little more.

Things are complicated a bit by trying to sell a house after we bought the replacement.
Once we get that accomplished, we’ll have some additional investable money available.


I got a few shares of PSLV with some dividends that showed up in my margin account. In the noise level as far as purchase size is concerned.

BRKB (DITM) 1/25 Calls

I had a limit order hit on Friday and I got some QQQE in one of my retirement accounts. Thanks to Jim for pointing me at that.


I bought CNQ Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. Yes, I am a contrarian. I am also a chemist, farm boy (long ago) and business owner who understands both increasing Green House atmospheric gases (CO2 = Green House Gas Rating of 1, Methane CH4 = GHGR of 28, read 28X more damaging than CO2 and Nitrous oxide N2O = GHGR of 265) and also the world’s dependence on energy of all forms. We are living in interesting times and it is a difficult path going forward. By the way, wastewater treatment plants around the world are creating 4%, 9% and 3%, respectively of the above mentioned gases. This is mentioned to provide an understanding of how it will take a concerted effort across all sectors to reduce these gases.