OT: Yet another Tesla story

This one is funny - Confused CHP (California Highway Patrol) see strange vehicles on a bunch of car carriers

Highway patrol officers confused after encountering fleet of ‘strange’-looking Tesla vehicles: ‘I wonder what they are?’ (msn.com)


Someone should have told him - “it’s the new Mars rover that they plan on sending up in a few months” :rofl:

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Teslas are becoming more numerous in Porto. Yesterday one parked while i was on my way home. Since I can’t tell them apart having seen so few, I looked for the model name. Nowhere to be seen, beyond the logos front and back there was no chrome, no writing, just white all over.

The driver replied to my query with a smile “Ípsilon!” Obrigado!

Lots of cars now look like Japanese cartoons and I like the return to the minimalist style. It probably also save a lot of money.

The Captain