Lovin me some PAC.

Was in Mexico this past December, the airports were completely packed. Three hours to get through customs. I stumbled on to PAC a couple of days later as an investment possibility. What I saw was a stock being hammered because of the new administrations threats in regards to Mexico. I thought to myself that this could be a great opportunity. So I started buying. 80, 75 then 72. For a few weeks it was my only stock in the red, but I had conviction damn it! I saw the lines, the happy people, the historically low peso. It was just that simple.

Now it seems that the rhetoric has passed, and PAC has rebounded quickly back to 84. My only red stock now flashing green.

Oh how I love what gifts the market can give an investor, when you see a news driven event give you an opportunity like this. This one has worked out much faster then anticipated. They admittedly don’t always snap back like this, but when it has nothing to do with the performance of a company, when it’s all about the fear of what might happen if, when it’s based on nothing more then some saber rattling, that’s when I love to jump in.