Thank you Saul and others for your posts.

Just running my numbers on Pagerduty and thinking about my position there.
Revenue growth slowing the last 4 quarters:
48% 49% 47% 44%
Net dollar retention is another metric in the wrong direction.
19: 140% 137% 132% 129%
Customer growth seems to be similar as pervious YoY quarters:
15% yoy total
49% yoy over 100k

General question moving forward seems to be if management is able to scale it’s operation up and get the new sales teams operational? If they do it should accelerate from here on. The CEO is highly ranked and also seems to be keen on getting people onboarded in the right way and clearly held up the hand for not getting this right.

I can clearly see that the growth rate is lower than most of the other companies that you are tracking here but would be interested if anyone else is monitoring or have a view of this company.

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I have a small position in it, and have the same stance as you. The revenue growth initially caught my eye, and I liked the addition of CRO Dave Justice but there are currently better options out there. With the addition of Justice, I’m holding until their Q4 report to see if their are any improvements in the numbers.

Nik -

Below is a PD thread from last month you might find useful. For what it’s worth, I have different growth rates than you with last Q at 37%. A quick look at their Q3 release says 37% as well.


Q3 release:…

Good luck.